training modules

Tested in live educational sessions, with participants from Europe, Africa and Asia. The content is adapted according to the real study cases and feedback from the participants.

short and easy

Easy to use and understand it. Each topic is delivered with texts, illustrations, videos and examples. Provided in English, Bulgarian, Kiswahili and Hindi language. 

study where you are 

Even when you waiting for a bus or train, if you have 15 minutes free time you can check the content of each one of the topics and to develop your skills and knowledge.


In the end of each module you will find a questioner that will help you to check your progress. If you cover 90 scores you can order your certificate for on-line training in the specific topic.

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First 3 modules are specially designed to cover the necessary competencies of the activists in and within non-governmental and self-governing organizations dedicated to solve problems in their community

Module 4: Media Literacy is designed for you, young people.


Spearheaded by Techsoup Europe, “Game Changer” utilizes innovative technology and cutting-edge research to help promote tolerance and understanding to youth across Europe. We hope through the Game Changer Project, we can help you encourage young people to be the change in helping to build a more inclusive, open-minded, diverse and peaceful Europe. Open Space foundation is a part of the family “Game Changers”

about us

We believe education and literacy must be a right, not a privilege. Trough our work many people can be force for positive change globally


Everyone, worldwide, is entitled to be literate and engaged member of society


We advocate for protection and safeguarding of our users’s data in our interactions with customers. 


These principles are true for every person, regardless of nationality, race, gander or religion. Any action that systematically discriminates against any class of people is harmful to the whole sociaty.

Diversity and inclusion 

Our organisation is committed to creating and inclusive and diverse working enviorenment.

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