After 4 years working together, this year we went more deeply. The main goal of our work together was to prepare our team members and colleagues with the necessity skills and competences to make the changes.

The knowledge what all of us have come from the real experiences. For all these years we have been make some mistakes. But also we have many achievements and good practices that is nice to be shared.

In this page we will show you how we make the transitions from a live education to on-line (distance) educational modules. The process was interesting. Funny. Hard working. And little crazy (because of the COVID-19 pandemic lock-down). Welcome in our journey!

In the begging we start with 3 training courses. All of them happened in real educational environment:

After these training courses become time for local activities where each on of us apply the skills and ideas from these modules. For our trainers was time to summarizing the feedback and to deliver the content in materials easy for self education and most important for distance learning.

From May 2019 till July 2020 youth from Bulgaria, Uganda, Tanzania, South Africa and India took part in volunteering projects. These months were funny, full with many challenges and with help to local communities and our trainers.