A project is an endeavor which requires a new type of organization of existing resources for the achievement of previously chosen goals.

The main characteristics of every project are:

  • Uniqueness – the creation of a new product or service for your organization;
  • Requires restructuring of resources (human, material and financial);
  • Exists in the conditions of a limited budget;
  • Has its own beginning and end, in this sense it is a temporary endeavor. It can last from several months to a year or two;
  • It is subjugated to the aims of the organization;
  • Exists in the conditions of insecurity and dynamics;
  • Is a means of organizational change.

This course will help you learn to:

  • Evaluate needs;
  • Choose suitable actions;
  • Plan efficiency, budget and risk;
  • Seek and provide support for your endeavors;
  • Measure results and sustainability.

CONTENT of this module:

1/. Project

  • Definition
  • Phases

2/. Assessment

  • Assessment of needs
  • Assessment of resources

3/. Planning

  • Solution
  • Aims and Tasks
  • Methodology/Activities
  • Action plan
  • Budget
  • Team
  • Results

4/. Management

  • Effectivity
  • Efficiency
  • Quality
  • Summarize the plan

5/. Risk evaluation

6/. Realization

  • Seeking support
  • Types of financing
  • Application
  • Negotiation
  • Implementation

7/. Monitoring and evaluation

8/. Measuring results

  • Criteria
  • Sustainability
  • Usage of the results and multiplication
  • Sharing results

9/. Self-evaluation

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